Why Are Millions of Christians Democrats?

Award-winning author Dr. Linda Seger’s ground-breaking book provides new perspectives in time for 2020 elections. The latest edition of Jesus Rode a Donkey explores what it means to be a Christian and a Democrat and gives readers new tools to make informed voting decisions

Dr. Seger confronts controversial topics head on, such as:

  • Includes Biblical Commands for NATIONS, as well as, Individuals to Give Aid to the Poor & Oppressed, to welcome the stranger and to help the marginalized & brokenhearted
  • LGBTQ: Civil Rights, Same-Sex Marriage
  • The Ethical Dilemma of Abortion
  • Our Collective Responsibility to the Creation
  • The Just Peace & the Just War

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In this urgent call for a politics of compassion and peace, Linda Seger argues that Christian morality is more compatible with the ideals of Democrats than Republicans. She combines moral exhortation, biblical teachings, and her spiritual intuitions as a Quaker to defend her belief that the “greatest litmus test” of governmental policies is treatment of the poor and oppressed—and she demonstrates that Republican priorities in general, and actions of President Trump in particular, fail that test. At a time when Republicans claim to be the party of Christian faith, Jesus Rode a Donkey makes a persuasive case for “why millions of Christians are Democrats.”

  – Dr. David L. Weddle, Professor Emeritus of Religion, Colorado College


At a time of division and despair, Linda Seger reminds us of essential human values shared by all:  humanity, respect and ensuring a better, safer world for our children. This book builds a bridge for people with different political and religious beliefs.

Congressman Steve Israel (2001-2017)

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RELEASE DATE : May 5, 2020
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If you are one of the many Christians who are now questioning your political allegiance to the Republican party in the age of Trump, wondering if it is possible to be a Christian and a Democrat, this book is for you. Likewise, if you are one of the millions of Christians who are Democrats and have been judged by your peers, need validation, or looking for scripturally based arguments on the most pressing political and social issues today, this book is also for you.

Dr. Seger’s solid, well-written and scripturally sound guide helped me form the platform of Christian Democrats of America, and has borne fruit in thousands of lives. I highly recommend for all believers, whether you are political or not — read and be informed at this critical time in the church and our nation’s history.

 – Christina Forrester, Founder and Executive Director of Christian Democrats of America

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