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Dr. Linda Seger believes the Democratic platform more closely aligns with the values taught by Jesus that the Republican party. She hopes this book might break down some of the barriers and divisiveness that exist between parties and people. If you are unsure about which party and which policies best express your values, perhaps this book will bring you to some new decisions about who you are, what you believe, and what actions you can take to help create a society that is an expression of God’s grace, the love of Christ, and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

Backstory From Linda

When I was first asked to write this book, I was concerned because politics and religion can be such divisive issues. I’m a Quaker, and we look and work toward unity. We want to resolve conflicts non-violently. I had to think about going into the fray, as opposed to my usual desire of staying out of the fray.

Originally the publishers wanted the title “Jesus Was a Democrat.” I said I couldn’t write that because I presumed Jesus was an Independent. They agreed to change the title, gave me several alternatives, and I chose Jesus Rode a Donkey because it had a certain humor to it which I felt dissipated the divisiveness.

As I pondered this decision, I called a Quaker Clearness Committee. This is a process where a Quaker asks several wise Quakers to sit down and hold the decision up to The Light. They try to help the person discern the best decision and listen to the Holy Spirit. One of the Quakers said, “It might be better for a Quaker to write this book than someone with an axe to grind. Maybe you can take this difficult topic and not add more fuel to the fire but increase our understanding.”

Linda & her husband

Peter Le Var

Peter Le Var was born and raised in Sao Paolo, Brazil and the US. He has a BA in English and American Literature, and studied Spanish Literature, Grammar, Art, and Philosophy at the University of Madrid, Spain. He is a practicing massage therapist and acupuncturist, having earned an MA in Acupuncture, Asian Medicine, and Herbology. Peter has been writing poems and haiku since high school. Linda and Peter were married in 1987 in the Santa Monica Quaker Meeting and are now members of the Colorado Springs Friends Meeting.

In 2016, Peter co-authored The Alphabet Prayer with Linda. The prayer book was inspired while Peter was healing from a painful back injury in 2001.  Peter began creating ‘Alphabet Prayers’, such as: “Compassionate God, Calm Me and Comfort Me and Forgiving Father, Feed Me with Faith and Favor”. The book is beautifully illustrated by a Calligrapher. Read More about the book on Amazon.

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