Holy Week- Monday

Jesus wept for the city of Jerusalem. Why?  They ignored the prophets. They lost their opportunity to recognize, accept, and receive Jesus. He didn’t just weep for individuals, but for a city and a people, with their rich history, who turned their backs on the great gift which had come to them.

We also weep for our nation. Not just for the suffering we endure now, but for what might have been. We knew this was coming since the Ebola crisis. .The President and White House was briefed in 2015, 2016, and since then. But instead of responding, our government ignored all the signs. The WH disbanded the department that handles, and prepares for epidemics. They refused to listen to the prophets and scientists.

What do we weep for? I weep for all the lost opportunities in the last 3 months. I weep for the woefully inadequate response. Our nation is gifted with great scientific leaders and economic leaders. They have ideas that could solve many of our multiple problems. But the phone calls, strategies, orders, are not being executed.  The communities that offer help – are met with silence. The governors who plead, are denied. Those who cry out – are fired. The prophets tell us what to expect  – and we don’t respond. Oh, Jerusalem, Jerusalem! Oh – our once beautiful nation, turning its back on the gift of Hope that is right there – if only we accepted it. We weep because it didn’t have to go this way.

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