Holy Week Saturday

A Day to Reflect, Wait, Pray

In the Catholic tradition, this is a day of waiting and reflection, just as the disciples waited after the death of Jesus, wondering how things would evolve. It was a dangerous time – the Romans were edgy over what might happen next. The followers of Jesus were in deep despair.

According to the Nicene Creed, this was the day that Jesus descended into hell to take the ultimate power away from Satan. He went into the Ultimate Darkness in order to come out into the Ultimate Light.

We are in a time of waiting. We are isolated. We have doubts about how this will all turn out. We are like little children shifting from one foot to another, eager to go out, and knowing it’s still dangerous out there. We are in one of the darkest periods of our history – and we may as well admit it. It is a good time for reflection which has the potential to deepen us as a country.

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