Holy Week- Tuesday

Jesus healed the lame and the blind – and the religious and political authorities didn’t like it. They schemed to figure out how to get rid of this man that was upsetting their carefully worked out world. Jesus did not neatly fit into the way things were always done. And he seemed to be focusing on the wrong people – the poor and the hurting and the sick. He should have been focusing on keeping all the established order in place.

We don’t always welcome healing and hope. We simply want to get back to normal. But transformation does not take us back but takes us forward which can be upsetting to our carefully worked out theologies and philosophies. We don’t know who to trust. We don’t know who the charlatans are. We wonder if healing is possible – and when it will happen.

There is been much discussion and uncertainty about who to listen to and who to believe. Who has the potential to help us heal through this crisis – and who does not?

I have heard for some weeks what sounds like great ideas:

-Find a General and put him in charge. These guys know how to organize and they know how to get things to the right place at the right time.

-Set up a central location that has the information on where the supplies are and where they need to go. And get them on the planes and the trucks. Get β€˜er done!

-Figure out who needs what when. A number of people have talked about the waves that the virus takes, where the apex in one city might come a week or two before the apex in the next city. The first city then sends incubators and personnel to the next city, after the first city has gone past the apex.

-Get companies to change their focus. I understand Brooks Brothers is making mask. How many masks are needed and who else can do this? And how do you get them to the right people? What else is needed? Who can do it?

Call the best minds in that business. And get it moving!

-Listen to the experts. There are so many people who have worked on this problem for decades and know what to do and how to do it. What’s the delay when lives continually are lost?

How many of us in our own professions have had to solve a problem on a deadline and called together all of our resources and got things going quickly and got it done? It sometimes seems that clowns are trying to run our government.

The blind and the lame need healing. Let’s not get in the way of the people who can heal.

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