Holy Week- Wednesday

Jesus went to the temple and angrily turned over the tables of the money changers, reminding them that this was a house of worship and not a den of thieves.

This really ticked off the authorities. Anyone who starts playing around with the money and the financial markets is clearly out of line. How many times have we heard that the money and economy comes first and it doesn’t matter as much how many people die? The original bill for relief gave money to the rich but not to the poor and middle-class. The Democrats insisted – and presumably there will be relief for people who do not have huge bank accounts and  a large stock portfolio.

Jesus overturned the way we were to think about what was important. Some people got it and others did not. Where do we put our focus at this time in our history? What do we do as a nation but also what to we do as individuals to get our focus into the right place? This is a time of great anxiety because it overturns the way that we have generally done things. People who are used to working at home might have an easier time. People who are  introverts or who are used to meditating and praying for long periods of time might be able to adjust more easily. Any transition is difficult. Anytime we have to think differently challenges our routines, our philosophies, and even our spiritual concerns

In a way, this is why the message of Jesus is progressive more than conservative. He overturned the establishment’s way of doing things and he overturned and changed our usual ways of thinking.

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