Hunkering Down

Linda editing Galley during CoVid19 lockdown
Making The Most of My Time

I wonder how many readers are affected by this coronavirus and in what way you are affected.

We have now canceled our worship at the Colorado Springs Friends Meeting. There are generally only 12 to 20 of us because we are a small meeting but we are encouraged to take an hour on Sunday morning on our own and to meditate and pray. I understand that a great many other congregations are canceling. 

I canceled my trip to Houston on Tuesday – I go to the doctor there every two months now but will not be going for a while.

The Sweet Adeline choir Regional Competition which was going to be in Rapid City, South Dakota on April 5 has been canceled. The competitions all over the United States are canceled and I think that we are going to qualify via video. Peter and I were going to take a week’s vacation in South Dakota after the competition, seeing Mount Rushmore in the Badlands, but we canceled that as well.

The international competition is in October in Louisville, Kentucky and we qualified last year to perform. I’m hoping we will be able to go but who knows how this will continue and for how long.

A concert that was to be held at my piano teacher’s home was canceled for March 17, although last night we did have a little recital of about eight of his students playing for each other. Abe disinfected the piano keys between our playing! Abe I played a duet of Beethoven sonata in D which was great fun. It’s Beethoven’s birthday – I think the 250th or something like that this year and so we have been encouraged to play Beethoven. 

We had a lot of snow today so today might have been a snow day anyway although I was able to go take a piano lesson with Abe this afternoon. I’m working and reading scripts and playing piano and watching TV.

So lots of handwashing and no shaking of hands and hunkering down – for who knows how long. It is so sad to see the people in Italy and Iran and the way they are suffering. I love Joe Biden’s speech about the coronavirus yesterday. And the experts seem to be so helpful. We have certainly had a number of national emergencies over the years, and I hope that we start moving more quickly on handling this. 


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  1. It’s smart to hunker down, also known as “self isolating.” But we humans crave being social with other humans, so I wonder how long this isolation can last. Santa Fe is like a ghost town: the restaurant we went to last night, ordinarily filled with people (a very popular place) only had a few tables of people. It was alarming! We don’t plan on eating out again until things are calmer.

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