It’s Holy Week and the Coronavirus is Everywhere!

by Dr. Linda Seger, author of Jesus Rode a Donkey: Why Millions of Christians are Democrats 

Palm Sunday: 

Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem. Holy week begins with great adoration. People throw palm fronds in front of him, celebrating his arrival. He is the miracle worker. And they are on his side. Everything is terrific – and even the Romans are not interfering – yet.

Sometimes it’s worthwhile, as we look back from this Corona crisis, to remember the good times. It can give us hope for the future of being back to normal. But after Holy Week, and after this crisis is over with, it will not be back to normal. Things will not be the same again, any more than we could be the same after World War II or 9/11. In Jerusalem, and in our world,  in spite of what looked like the happiest of times, trouble was brewing. And everything was about to break open – in the time of Jesus as well as in our New Year of 2020. Some people tuned in, anticipating what was to come and preparing for it. Others were oblivious. Yet, in the middle of this crisis, before we know what will happen next, Governor Cuomo says this will be transformative. It can transform us for the better, or for the worse. Will we allow ourselves to be changed? 

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